1 Hour Sleep Hypnosis: Higher Self Healing for Depression & Anxiety

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Depression and anxiety are significant issues for so many people. I have made this guided hypnotherapy session for you especially to let yourself relax deeply as you listen…


21 thoughts on “1 Hour Sleep Hypnosis: Higher Self Healing for Depression & Anxiety

  1. Thank you, Michael, for these videos. They really help me. I suffer severe panic disorder and depression, which causes me to have trouble sleeping. Your voice is comforting. I saw your playlists and saw that you have an acting reel, which intrigues me. I will have to check out your reel. I wanted to say how much your guided meditation has helped me. Your one about over-thinking (which is something I do a lot) helped me, tremendously.

  2. I listen to your videos every day and or night and it has made such a positive difference in my life. it really helps keep me on track with my inner peace and life goals and helps me sleep. thank you so much

  3. Thank you for this my life is going through tough times right now and outside in the normal world i have to pretend to be someone else but here i can relax and be who i am and relax and let the emotions i keep bottled inside out and dream and listen to your voice thank you, you are amazing person

  4. Hi, Michael. I've noticed lately that I am stuck in most of my life's areas. Which of your sessions would you recommend to get unstocked and move forward? Thank you so much for your help.

  5. I recently got diagnosed with depression and anxiety… I been struggling to sleep and when I'm upset about something i always come to your videos.. they help me calm down and your voice just calms me down but I still have a long long road ahead of me. Like tonight was really hard but your video helped me get through it. Thanks for making these videos!

  6. I love this!! I listen to this every night. Makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful. Thank you so much! I've had always trouble falling asleep and I didn't like taking sleeping pills. This has been the solution to my problem.

  7. I just want to sincerely thank you Michael Sealey for all of your wonderful hypnosis videos. I was hesitant to try anything like this but have come to fully trust in your hypnosis sessions and they have done wonders for my anxiety and depression. THANK YOU <3

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