$10 Amazon/iTunes Gift Card Giveaway

New $50 Amazon/iTunes Gift Card Giveaway here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUGaBmc1i1A
Giveaway to give back to fans! Ends on February 14, 2013 (or the weekend after)

1st Place: $10 Amazon, iTunes or Fandango Gift Code (Sorry, they removed Xbox Live…)
2nd Place: App of Choice from Free App Slots
3rd/4th Place: To be determined only if I do not make the February 14th deadline

How to enter:

1 Entry: Subscribe to my channel, Like this video, and Share this video
20 Extra Entries: Sign up to Free My Apps and Free App Slots using my referral link(s). Send me a PM saying that you signed up and I’ll look to see if I earned the referral credit. However, if you want to be sure that you got the extra entries, you can email me a picture of your device showing that you downloaded an app (for Free My Apps) and a picture of your device showing that you’re at zero-low number of credits (for Free App Slots) after you’ve downloaded an app, and I will respond.
Email these pictures to:…


29 thoughts on “$10 Amazon/iTunes Gift Card Giveaway

  1. ▂●▂●▂● thank you man but i found other site for
    ▂●▂●▂● free itunes gift card that is works much better
    ▂●▂●▂● ===>> www.itunesgiveaway.us <===

  2. I subscribed and liked and shared this video,but i haven't register with your refferal links.reason why:because i know for free app slots and for free my apps for a long time.and i already putted the codes in. I saw this video today and i wanted to put codes but i cant because you can put only one.:(((( i. Really want to win a gift card because i am from poor country:serbia and a here i have only to download 1 app for 4 days,there are no rewards to me get coins,i only have 542,hope can win……

  3. EVERYONE! I've been getting referrals for both Free My Apps and Free Apps Slots. However, no one is claiming that they're the ones who signed up with a PM, or sending an email with a picture of their device. As a result, I'm not sure who I should give multiple entrees to. Please PM me if you did sign up. Be warned, I have a good idea of who should get the extra entrees because I have emails of when you subscribed. If you send me an email and the timeline doesn't match, I'll disqualify you. 

  4. I got you down for 11 entrees right now. Since you were one of my first subscribers and commented on my Free App Slots video, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. If you send me a picture of your device with Free Apps Slots to the email in the description, I'll give you the 21 entrees.

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