25+ Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 7

In this video we will go over 25+ tips and tricks for the iPhone 7. iPhone 7 is amazing phone and you should learn as much as you can about it, so as to enhance your use of your iPhone.

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42 thoughts on “25+ Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 7

  1. I love how slow and simple you explain everything for people to understand. Thank you so much for making your videos. Just bought a new iPhone 7 Plus and was super confused with all new 3D Touch and all that. Thank you for helping me get the best experience possible.

  2. I have a cool tip for you sakitech!
    You don't have to rename the fingerprint to know which finger it is.
    When you're in the Touch ID menu, you can just rest a finger on the home button, than the fingerprint which is that finger will light up in the menu! Try it out :)

  3. You talked about the hidden text and other things to send while sending a text message, it doesn't seem to work with the 10.0.2. Are you still able to do it that way or is there another way to send hidden text?

  4. I've done a video on Top 10 useful iPhone features that we never use.You can watch it on my channel. I've just started with YouTube. Comment if you like the video.

  5. 10:29 if you just place your finger on the home button without pressing on it, the phone identifies and highlights which finger is registered. For example, if you put your right thumb on there and it was fingerprint 4, it will flash to show you which fingerprint is saved to which finger.

  6. Your information of the Control Center within apps intrerupting your game is false.

    Having your control center enabled in apps like games means that when you swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open it, it will only bring up a small shape to notify it without intrerupting your app, then, within the small ammout of time when that shape appears , you have to swipe again to actually open the control center and intrerupt the aplication.

    This feature is avalable even on iOS 7.

  7. sir kindly tell me can i use note 7's charger for fast charging my i phone 7 insted of i phone's 1 amp charger ?
    i mean is it ok with it or it can b harmfull for my i phone 7 ?????????


    IPHONE 7 2016
    750p Resolution
    Water Resistant
    12mp Camera
    Stereo Speakers
    Siri App integration
    Raise to Wake
    Notifications on Lockscreen
    Contextual Word Prediction
    Photo search
    No headphone jack

    Nexus 6 2014
    1440 resolution
    Water Resistant
    13mp Camera
    Front Facing Speakers
    Google Now integration
    Raise to Wake
    Notifications on Lockscreen
    Contextual Word Prediction
    Phone search
    Headphone Jack

    Enjoy your 'NEW' device LOL

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