$29 DIY Lavalier Mic using Apple Earpods, RODE vs APPLE

I show the differences between a Sennheiser ew100 wireless system ($700), the RODE SmartLav+ ($79), and Apple Earpods ($29).

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5 thoughts on “$29 DIY Lavalier Mic using Apple Earpods, RODE vs APPLE

  1. Thanks for the video! I've been trying to compare Apple earbuds with iRig lav mic that I've just bought. I find that actually the Apple one sounds sweeter and softer. It seems to me the earbud mic comes with a noise gate that automatically filter out noise when I'm not speaking, but the background noise is obvious when I'm talking. And I have to make sure that the microphone side points out, not pointing to the clothes, otherwise it sounds muffled.
    The iRig lav mic certainly has a better dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio. However, because it is quite loud, I have to turn the microphone volume down to prevent clipping. It sounds a bit harsh as well. It seems to me your Rode one is quite similar.

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