4 Tips to get rid of Spam Calendar Invites on iOS, MacOS and OS X

So how annoying are spammers now? Hopefully Apple rolls out a fix in the near future because this is ridiculous!

Cases used in this video:
Thule Atmos X4 – http://mreh.ca/29Rb2or

So here are 4 tips to get rid of spammers:

**As with any spam, please don’t encourage spammers by actually going the site and buying “real” stuff at a discount…

1. Change your iCloud settings to stop auto-adding calendar invites

Be default, every time you get a calendar invite, Apple is going to load it automatically into your calendar. Changing this setting will force the invite to goto your email account which your junk filters should be able to remove

– Sign into iCloud.com
– Goto the Calendar App
– Click the cog in the bottom right corner
– Goto Advanced
– Under Invitations, select “email to whatever your email is”

2. Delete all the spam calendar invites

Now there are two ways of doing this. You can outright delete the event on your desktop but this will notify the spammer that you actually…


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  1. I got a Michael kors invite that was in Chinese so I showed my girlfriends mum and as she's Chinese and she said it was a shady forum link that gets into your phone if you open it up , thank got for my oriental mum in law

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