5 Best Battery Cases for iPhone 6S / 6S Plus – mophie,OtterBox,Incipio,Boost

We review the 5 best battery case for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus including mophie juice pack for iPhone 6, BoostCase for iPhone 6, Incipio OFFgrid for iPhone 6, Phonesuit for iPhone 6 and Otter Resurgence iPhone 6 battery cases. These battery cases are very similar in weight and dimensions but there are quite a few differences in quality. These and many more of the best battery cases for iPhone 6 are available at the link above. Use code YOUTUBE for 15 % off plus free expedited shipping!


30 thoughts on “5 Best Battery Cases for iPhone 6S / 6S Plus – mophie,OtterBox,Incipio,Boost

  1. There ARE cases which allow charging through lightning connector and where you don't need audio jack adapters: ThinCharge and Solemeno.
    They are insanely thin and have 2400-2600 mAH capacity, which is very close to Mophie, but significantly thinner. Both seem very popular on amazon and the prices are lower Mophie

  2. all of these suck, the only good design for a charging case is one that doesnt block the charging port and extend the length of your phone. one that has a cable attachment for when you beed to use it. where the fuck are those cases?!?!

  3. Those are all great cases. I think if there is one more to add to this comparison would be Maxboost. I have been using Maxboost battery case for a while and I find the added battery life really worth my money.

  4. It felt like the video was idealizing the mophie case. I get it you find it to be the best, and customer statistics support you on that, but comparing each case of the 5 best is like saying, here is the best option, and the lesser 5.

  5. Love the videos but why would OutfitYours carry products it doesn't stand by? It hurts your business to if a customer buys a one of your "crappier cases."

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