6 ways to get more subscribers (3 are bad!) VEENA V

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Want to get more subscribers? Want to get more subs fast? I reveal 3 BAD WAYS of growing your youtube channel (that I don’t agree with but work!) I also share 3 good ways of getting more youtube subscribers. How have your been growing your channel? ► CLICK SHOW MORE

Do you agree with me that we need to focus on making good quality videos?

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34 thoughts on “6 ways to get more subscribers (3 are bad!) VEENA V

  1. oh my goodness. Love what you are doing! Think the UDEMY thing is just an awesome project to be doing too ! Keep it up going to follow you on my other YouTube account too. If I get too stuck or overwhelmed I may just sign up for the course! Keep it real and keep it locked down !!!

  2. GUYS GO SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! lol jk yeah I stopped asking friends to subscribe. I just post my video on my FB and that's all the advertising I do. I'm hoping that my content does all the work to convince people to sub. Great advice.

  3. You had me at "Helping people, inspiring people, etc"! YES! I came to your channel by happenstance but I am really glad I did. I agree that people should hope for viewers that actually ENJOY their channel, not just for random viewers. I'm not very tech savvy at all, and my new iPhone SE sat here in the box for a week before I decided to activate it. I sometimes get overwhelmed with change, so I was paranoid about switching from my iPhone 4. Now, less than a week later, I've figured out how to utilize my new phone and even started my own YouTube channel yesterday. (talk about accents, Lol..my southern drawl is not nearly as charming as your beautiful voice). Thanks for having a helpful and uplifting channel. I'll try to send a little of my Florida sunshine your way from the U.S. Have a beautiful day! <3 Amirah

  4. This rocks! I really want to chase people down the street and say PLEASE subscribe to my channel now!!! You made it look kind of fun. 😉 Love the tips. Keep em coming!

  5. you are so right, sometimes people get lost in the numbers and i feel thats when you need to re-access just why you started your channel, should help get you back on the straight and narrow.
    Also, i think, if you are going to be begging for subscribers, at least make sure your content is worth the hassle.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE your energy! Just found your channel. I am so happy I found you! There aren't enough Southasian women on youtube. So happy you are doing YOU and sharing your heart with the world. I'm right there with you my dear <3 <3

  7. Great video, I enjoyed this a lot! 🙂 I personally don't do sub4sub or anything like that since it really doesn't help and like you said, they won't watch your videos and you won't watch theirs. I only subscribe if I know I will at least try (I have a lot of people I'm subscribed to) to watch their videos. Keep up the great work! :)

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