7 Biggest Problems with Google Pixel / Pixel XL


The Pixel and Pixel XL are both great phones, but no phone is perfect. Most issues I have with these phones stem from the first and major problem I have with this phone. In this video I discuss the seven biggest problems I have with the devices. Keep in mind these are still great buys, i just expected more out of them.

correction: single speaker is bottom firing, and the rating is ip53 which protects from sprays only.

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31 thoughts on “7 Biggest Problems with Google Pixel / Pixel XL

  1. And the Iphone has all of these features, yes, yes.
    None of the videos that are talking about how bad the pixel are tendentious, no no.
    C'mon, stop sucking apple's dick and make a neutral video

  2. Good points and brave man for fronting up – if you're after the 'lasted and greatest' android experience then pay a premium price but only for two years remember after then you're on your own no more UI upgrade.

    Too expensive outside the US $1400 where I'm living and for that I can buy a whole lot more phone + accessories..

  3. I have had my Google Pixel XL for 2 days now, and still miss my Note7. So sorry for Samsung, but had to jump ship for this phone. Price, no problem since company paid. Not H20 proof, no problem since I've never gotten a phone wet. I don't need the memory expansion. Only wondering if I should have gotten the Moto Z with Hasselblad attachment. Not that big a deal. Thank you for your review.

  4. My issue is that those of us who bought the Note 7 (even with its 'so amazing it couldn't contain itself' flaw) have nothing that even comes close to what it brought to the table. Set aside its overheating and melting down for a second and look at the features it had…USB-C, Curved Screen, IP67 Waterproofing, S Pen, Wireless Charging, Dual Pixel Camera, Expandable Memory, Iris Scanning, High Durability Marks. When you have a device that brings so much to the table in your hand and have to give it up due to a battery flaw, you can't help but feel completely underwhelmed by every other "flagship" phone out there.

  5. I can't believe this idiot keeps talking about how "disappointing" this phone is, like when he wanted a 2k screen on the regular Pixel for no extra cost. Like, what was he expecting? Did he expect Google to come out with a larger phone simply because it was larger? It has to have ANY selling point other than size. Plus, all that adding the 2k screen would do is make the Pixel MORE expensive, and this prick was ALREADY complaining about the price. God.

  6. No point in a 2k display on the smaller phone. The difference would be barely noticeable, and it DOES tax the gpu more. I own a nexus 6 and would have personally preferred a 1080p display…

  7. i've never had a phone that was capable or wireless charging, and i don't even know where you can wirelessly charge your phone, so for me its no big deal. i agree it should be waterproof, although ive seen 2 videos of people putting their pixel under water for 1 hour and half hour, and the phone was fine except the speaker, it still worked, but was a little buggered. unlimited cloud storage for photos for FREE seems pretty good, even if you can stick a card in the phone. and they should have at least offered it in more colors….. but i'll still probably get one. i like it

  8. You hit the nail on the head when saying that its all about the software experience. That is the one and only reason that I bought this phone. IMO there isn't a mobile OS out there that touches, or comes close to touching the experience offered by stock android. I hate touch wiz and pretty much all of the other android skins out there. I would rather have an iPhone than have to deal with a lame, unusable skinned version of android.

    I do wish they would have made the phone water proof, or resistant. Other than that I'm happy with it. And I am obviously willing to sacrifice water resistance for the pure android experience.

  9. I am only watching this video to manipulate my mind; because I can't afford in UK where retails are selling £50- £62p/m. Now that's looting. Pixel is awesome!

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