7 Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 7!

Here’s 7 Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 7 / iOS 10. Whether you are upgrading to the latest version of iOS or buying the iPhone 7. These 7 tips and tricks will get you started!

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17 thoughts on “7 Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 7!

  1. Dude's hair is freaking me the fuck out in this video. What is going on? Looks all pixelated and shit. He looks like one of those things you would play with as a kid and use a magnet to put hair on a face.

  2. Thank you for making a video with tips and tricks that's only about 7 minutes long.. Everyone else has videos that are like 25 minutes I just can't even get through them. haha this was the perfect amount of time!

  3. not too sure what Apple was thinking when they got rid of the headphone jack but if they can improve the battery life then I can hear a lot less crying from Apple users about but I will definitely agree that Telus coverage is definitely a lot better than Rodger based on my personal experience

  4. +Matthew Moniz awesome video as always!! I'm looking forward to IOS 10 like the new notifications especially the new improve Voip which when my family calls me from a third party app that's supported, it will actually appear as a normal phone all rather than going into the app then redial. So glad Apple is finally letting us remove most of the preinstalled apps. I don't know if you notice, but the third party keyboards don't always work, specifically on password fields like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Will you be doing a "what the iPhone 7/7 Plus is for & isn't?" How's your iPhone 6S Plus holding up? Mines still doing well. No scratches except the bottom above the charging port since when trying to charge in the dark, it end up missing & instead hitting the bezel above the port. That's the only annoyance. Do you think we'll ever get to change the shortcuts in the control center in a future update? I can do it from a third party app in the Notification Center, but not that seamless. Can't wait for your upcoming videos of the iPhone 7's when they're officially on the market. Please let me know if this comment came through. =)

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