Apple AirPods review

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Weird-looking they may be, but Apple’s Bluetooth earbuds have some advantages, and hint at other devices that could come next.

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22 thoughts on “Apple AirPods review

  1. Get ready for the chip guys . Apple is introducing the secret agenda.. We all know this is dumb cleat and most ppl are not a fan of this change and apple can't even give a solid explanation if why they switched to this.. Mind control to me

  2. What is "Ridiculous" about these? I mean compare them to ANY other independently wireless earbuds and you will probably not find any that look better. I think they look pretty nice and slim myself, but even not listening to my opinions, I don't see any others that are slimmer.

  3. EarPods use to be bad, I remember using them with my iPod nano back in the day and they were god awful. I have a pair of Bose now that are the best sounding earbud style headphones I've ever used, and I can say with confidence that the current EarPods really don't sound terrible for only costing $30 (yes, they only cost $30, check out the apple store). That being said, they definitely aren't worth $160 for a wireless version.

  4. Idea is good wireless work with Bluetooth still need to make perfect thing, when you were those look joker make both separately, like
    Samsung Gear iconx earphone
    Instamic Wireless Microphone ,
    Built one high quality Receiver in Smartphone and give nano wireless microphone in smartphone box,

  5. YouTube Reverse Reality Principle comes into effect. Again.
    Whatever the majority of YouTubers think, the opposite is true.
    A simple review of wireless earbuds made by Apple that sound fine, look ''odd" (they don't look odd) and cost just as much as other good sounding wireless earbuds…. and everyone loses their minds.

  6. He's saying that Apple isn't doing anything different from its competitors when it comes to wireless headphones and this simply isn't true for three reasons. First, AirPods are truly wireless headphones. They aren't just two earbuds connected by a wire. Without the wire there's nothing weighing AirPods down so they're less likely to fall out and you won't have to spend time fiddling with adjustable cables. Also, you're not at risk of accidentally knocking them out of your ear because you snagged a cord on something. Second, AirPods connect to all your Apple devices in a very seamless way. Once you pair AirPods to one of your Apple devices, they automatically pair to all other devices associated with your Apple ID. This means AirPods will automatically connect to whatever Apple device you're using while you wear them. AirPods can automatically switch connection to your different Apple devices depending on which device you're using. This means you don't have to enter Bluetooth settings, turn on Bluetooth, hold down a button on your headphones until a light blinks, and click or tap connect, every time you want to listen to music on your wireless headphones. Third, AirPods are smart. You can leave one in your ear to use as a Bluetooth headset with top-grade background noise cancellation, they automatically pause when you take them out to save battery, and you can access Siri with just a double tap. In addition, what other wireless headphones that are this portable last 5 hours without a charge and include in the box a carrying case that offers an extra 24 HOURS of battery life. Oh yeah, and the charging case can be charged with a lightning connector, not micro USB. One less cord you have to carry around and lighting cables are reversible too so you don't have to spend time trying to plug it in correctly.

  7. …But the sound quality will still be sub-par for the price range and my HD558s will still sound light years better. And for the 1 person who gets triggered saying that headphones and earbuds aren't the same thing, they're both transducers designed for projecting sound directly into the ears, comparing them is perfectly valid.

  8. They look real shady when using outdoors a cop once asked me wth is that in your ear he said is that a insect and when i said they are wireless apple earpods he was alike god help apple

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