9 thoughts on “Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils iCloud

  1. "I make a new calendar event on my iPhone, it's stored in the cloud, and it's pushed to my other devices. Pretty cool."
    Yes, Mr. Jobs, that's how it's _supposed_ to work.

  2. I could be wrong. But .. Hmmm .. Doesn't Google Accounts / Apps .. already do this ? Full IMAP, POP, SMTP,etc. support? Any device with these protocols fully sync'able? iDevices already do this with the Google Email, Calendar, and Contacts.

    It's taken this long for Apple to figure this out for Mac services ?

    What I'd really like to see, is my entire 1 TB collection of files (my home server) be accessible via the cloud. . .most important/recent files be auto-sync'ed between devices. :)

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