Apple EarPods Review

Apple Earpods Review

According to Apple these new headphones took three years to design from the ground up. Apple claims they deliver a deeper and ricker bass tone with greater protection from the elements. After spending a while with these new headphones from Apple I can say with certanty that they are a huge improvement over the ear stabbers the older Apple headphones were.

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48 thoughts on “Apple EarPods Review

  1. I like the rubber version cuz it was more comfortable after wearing them for a while,and it allowed the ear piece to stay in the ear easier. I know that many people and I have a similar problem with the ear piece staying in your ear if you have smaller ears, and it really makes it very frustrating and uncomfortable to wear.

  2. I got the apple earpods and they are great they feel more "natural". They do not fit in the Samsung Galaxy S3 audio jack but the ear buds make up for that. They have great audio quality and they are boosted in bass naturally. I got them from best buy for $32 with tax. Best $32 I've ever spent.

  3. Fun Fact…. If you still have your old apple earphones, buy cheap knock off earpods online or at a gas station, and then remove the cover of the fakes, and then carefully remove the old apple earphones cover. (use a sharp tool) but anyway the fake cover from the earpods design fit onto the old ones ! omg the driver on the older one is bigger, and now you are adding the earpod design to it, and not only that. The rubber will stay on with the fake earpod cover. So basically 30$ plain earpods can be upgraded to 10$ earpods with better sound, and comfort from the rubber from the old ones. Try it out !

  4. I don't quite understand how everything says they push sound directly to your eardrums, doesn't the main speaker hole face the front of your face, when the hole in your ear is towards the back? 

  5. so my "regular" earphones broke, which I use for my ipod touch for music when running. I decided to buy the new ear pods seeing how it's "improved" on sound and design. They've definitely got the design right but the quality, while improved from their previous, is faaaaar from good. I seriously can't believe that they're claiming this to be quality earphones when my broken Sony earphones (accidentally stepped on it – RIP) had better clarity and bass. Good thing my friend got me a discount.

  6. Yes, it will work on virtually anything that exports sound via a 3.5mm jack due to analogue audio. You can get a much better set of ear monitors for $8 they are called Monoprice 8320.

  7. Your phones operating system is unimportant it's a hardware issue. What you need to know is if the phone you has supports the microphone through the jack socket. Normal 3.5mm jack sockets are TRS type, but these earbuds are TRRS. The termonology is unimportant, but if your phone does not support it, then they will not work.

  8. This headphones are so amazing, i love them so much, they fit ear so good. The beats are fantastic!!! When you were them for about an hour your ears doestr hurt!!! I've recomend them for everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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