Apple iPad Mini 2 Retina 32GB Unboxing – So my wife can have it back!

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Whats up Nerdgasm fans! I got my wife a 32GB iPad Mini 2 Retina for Christmas and she wanted me to unbox it ASAP so she could set it up and use it so here it is 😛 One of the downsides of doing a technology YouTube channel is usually need to unbox stuff before you use it. I cheated a little and let her take it out of the box and see it but didn’t let her set it up or take out anything else from the box until I did this unboxing (because that’s how I roll). I hope you guys enjoy it, I ended up regretting not letting her set it up because it made it so I couldn’t do an in-depth review but I can do a follow video if you guys want. I also figured since I would be doing a full video on the iPad Air next it would be pointless to do a full review since the OS is essentially the same and the performance is also similar.

Device Tablet
Form Factor Slab
Dimensions 200 x 134.7 x 7.5 mm
Weight 331g…


22 thoughts on “Apple iPad Mini 2 Retina 32GB Unboxing – So my wife can have it back!

  1. idk, i find IOS harder to use than android, i feel that it's so over simplified that it's hard to find anything, especially looking for apps and menus, which can only be accessed via the home screen, no app drawer, and you can't even put the icons where you want, its basically the fisher price way to access the internet

  2. The reason they manage to make it so big but light is because they use a large logic bord/motherboard so they on the iPad mini basicly spread out everything a lot on the inside of the device. The nexus 7 is smaller and thicker but the surface area is less making them cram the living shit out of the components inside it.

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