Apple iPhone 6 Plus Full In Depth Review

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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Full Comparison –

Technibility reviews the Apple iPhone 6 Plus hands on in depth. Stay tuned as we compare the iPhone 6 Plus to a multitude of phones, as well as review the iPhone 6! iPhone 6 Unboxing and Review by hot girl in a bikini!
Note – Third party apps CAN be included in sharing, so I stand corrected!

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19 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6 Plus Full In Depth Review

  1. Too many people complain now days about certain OS's as if they determine who you are as a person…. IT'S A DAMN PHONE! Just because one person prefers one over the other doesn't make them dumb or better. just relax. I may be switching back to apple just because everything I own is apple aside from my HTC ONE MAX.┬á´╗┐

  2. It really gets on my nerves when someone says that they don't like the protruding camera or the back design. Now don't get me wrong I love how you reviewed the iPhone, but if I get this phone, I'll be using an otter box defender anyway. So the camera won't get scratched if I lay it on a table. And the back design won't bother anyone cause it'll have a case on it. ´╗┐

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