apple iphone 6s plus true clone app store ios copy


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  1. can anybody help me to fix my rear camera its blurry on my iphone 6s clone i tried everything i think i have to flash the rom mine is iphone 6 clone Mt6571 V4.2.2 jellybean where can i find this rom this is the any option for the fix my camera can somebody help me out please thank you i have to update the rom to the latest rom ios 9.1.2 or 9.0.2 mine is now on android ios 8.3

  2. i have a iphone 6s clone too but i have a problem with my rear camera it is blurry or hazy how can i fix it i cleaned out the lens and it didnt work and i downlouded some other camera apps from the playstore but it didnt work too how can i fix this problem can somebody help me please? thank you!!!

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