Apple iPhone 7 Plus 256GB – Unboxing & First Look! (4K)

Unboxing and First Look of iPhone 7 Plus 256GB in Silver!

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36 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 7 Plus 256GB – Unboxing & First Look! (4K)

  1. Apple put a new protective box wrapping with a liitle pull tab on the bottom of the box so when you unboxing the phone you wont have to cut the wrapping and although you said there are already a lot of other unboxing videos featuring the iphone 7 you actully cut it?? Dude nice video but do a bit of homework before each unboxing

  2. When I take a photo on my iPhone 7, if it is in any way a dim situation, or if the lighting isn't optimum, I notice a purple hue around the edges of the screen as I take the photo that is not overly evident in the photos. I have seen NO other reports of this, but it is so obvious compared to my old 5s

    Any ideas?

  3. looks like all the other ishits from the past 3 years. all they've done is moved the antenna bands and removed the headphone jack and added a 2nd camera which no one will ever use – yet they still want £700 for what is in essence….last year's phone.

  4. You post good content, like your videos ! You deserve more subscribers. Just because ppl edit their video they think they have more information or so . But yours is good too !

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