apple iphone 7 unboxing – iphone 7 unboxing! (jet black) giveaway

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The headline new feature was, as predicted, reserved for the iPhone 7 Plus. The dual cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus promise to usher in a new era in mobile photography.
The New iPhone 7 Plu s Is The BEst guys!!

The Lightning EarPods are precisely like Apple’s normal EarPods, that is to say that they sound average-to-bad and fit either fine or now not-extremely good relying on your ears. Competition like LG and HTC ship a great deal higher high-quality headphones with their flagship telephones, and Apple owns Beats, so it’s simply simply difficult to understand why it’s nevertheless delivery such decidedly mediocre headphones with the iPhone. Specially while the corporation is attempting to get all people to be obsessed with the circulate faraway from 3.5mm. But here we are.

Of course, the real flow Apple’s looking to make is to wireless audio, and the company also gave me a preproduction set of its…


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