Apple iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge – Gaming Review!

A Gaming Comparison Review between the New Apple iPhone 7 vs the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone – Which has better Performance when Testing Games?

*Correction, the iPhone has 2 Speakers, one of them is a design choice – everything I said about the sound quality still stands though! :)*

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30 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 Edge – Gaming Review!

  1. I dont know from where did you get ur information but your wrong iphone7 has only 2 speakers not 3 one on the ear speaker and one at the bottom there is 1 speaker at the bottom and the other one is just to be symmetric

  2. Dude iphones have the worst screen to body ratios , that iPhone looks tiny compared to S7 edge Which by the way has a decent screen to body ratio and doesn't feel as Big as other phablets , just put the regular S7 and the iPhone 7 side by side and you'll see that despite the former having a 5.1 screen it's not any bigger than the regular iPhone 7 with its 4.7 screen …

  3. Who here would game on an iPhone 7+ PURELY for the high graphic performance and use an S7 Edge for everything else. I mean like play Modern Combat 5 and Critical Ops with a Moga controller on the iPhone, and everything else for Android?

  4. Maybe a more sensible test would have been the s7 v iPhone 7 and S7Edge v iPhone 7 plus. Then your gripes about the smaller screen size and screen resolution would have lesser relevance. I am surprised you didn't test the s7 Edge with the iPhone 5SE and then moan about the small screen on the SE? Other than that a pretty good review.

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