Apple Leather Case for iPhone 7 Plus – Review – Best leather case so far!


The updated Apple Leather Case for the iPhone 7 Plus offers new aluminum button covers, making it a more viable option as a leather case.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer much outside of looking good, as there aren’t any extra protective features to keep your iPhone safe. If you’re simply looking for scratch protection in a stylish package, this could be a good option.

Otherwise, at this price point, you could get a much more protective case, or wait for other leather cases to be launched.


Sony A6000 Body:
Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens:
Sony 18-105mm f/4 Lens:
Tascam DR-05:
Blue Microphones Yeti:
Manfrotto Light Stand:
CowboyStudio Light Kit:
CowboyStudio Boom Stand:…


26 thoughts on “Apple Leather Case for iPhone 7 Plus – Review – Best leather case so far!

  1. Why do you throw your 1000 dollar all over? Is to say you cane have as many you want? Fuck I have my new iPhone 7 plus I treat the device with all careful , I'm really poor

  2. u fool.i got the plus in matte black..i got a bette case for it..cover the back & front they given give u a plastic cover the front phone.gave u a belt clip..under $20

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