3 thoughts on “AT&T Will Unlock Your Out-of-Contract iPhone Starting April 8

  1. I got my iPhone 4 unlocked yesterday and it's still under contract until August 2012. You just have to speak to the right tech support agent. Im still waiting for my iPhone 4S to be unlocked. I already got the case # and just waiting for AT&T to email me back. I hope I get lucky again. 

  2. You don't even need to go the store just call AT&T's customer care number and service an agent to help you request for an unlock, they'll ask for your IMEI which can be found in Settings—General—About—and scroll down until you see something that says IMEI. They ask you for your email as well. They then will tell you that you will receive and email within 7 days telling you wether or not your iPhone is unlocked.

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