Automatically Backup Files To SkyDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, With Duplicati

Automatically Backup Files To SkyDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, With Duplicati

Backing up to the cloud is real easy to do and is the future of backup. Computer problems are common and a lot of people don’t backup as often as they should, this method is so simple you have to wonder why people are not using it already. You can access all your data anywhere in the world.
In this video i will show you how to set it all up and then just get on with your day, while Duplicati backs all your data up to the cloud of your choice.

Duplicati is a free backup client that securely stores encrypted, incremental, compressed backups on cloud storage services and remote file servers. It works with Amazon S3, Windows Live SkyDrive, Google Drive (Google Docs), Rackspace Cloud Files or WebDAV, SSH, FTP (and many more).

AES Crypt is a file encryption software available on several operating systems that uses the industry standard Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to…


48 thoughts on “Automatically Backup Files To SkyDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, With Duplicati

  1. I keep getting "The under lying connect was closed could not establish trust relationship between SSL/TLS secure channel" I am trying to set this up to my skydrive but when i try to test the connection or create the folder I get that message.

  2. I need your help guys. My windows 8.1 is not working properly. Because the Store app displays that i need to refresh my pc. But when im starting to refresh it, it shows diffrent texts that it usually displays on other pc. What do i need to do. I cant lose every apps from store. Please help me

  3. After actually having some time to review this, I see that the encrypted "parts" of the backup as a whole must all be restored and they work like pieces of a puzzle…. even without the encryption things look zipped and span several archives. For me this is no good since I wanted to backup to G-DRIVE 247Gigs of photos and videos. I thought the folder structures and files would all stay somewhat intact, but just be encrypted… It appears to make a multi-volume archive store or something. which would mean I download the WHOLE enchilada to unencrypt/restore files. There is no way to just view a single folder for example. I think what I need is a sync utility instead.   

  4. Hi there, can you tell me how can i set up the program to just backup the files without compressing them ? just copy a ms word document to an external HDD ? i cant find that option, no compressing and no encryption. thanks 

  5. Can't thank you enough. As my son would say – you are a legend !! Me, I am a bit older, so I would just say 'thank you – couldn't be clearer if it tried.' A long time ago, someone thanked me for something saying it was 'useful'. I thought this was not enough praise and he told me otherwise – 'Useful, he said is the greatest accolade, because if it is used, then it has changed someone's life…' 

  6. It doesn't care, it doesn't care if my files are open in another program, it doesn't care if I've plugged in using ethernet instead of wireless, it doesn't care if I turn on my computer after the backup was due, it doesn't care if the backup's to big to fit in one file, it just takes my files and puts them on a backup. Duplicati wins.

  7. Again… another supporting comment. The system works – SPOT ON! Not sure how long it took to create the video, but it is very well done, and gets two thumbs up! (or 10 out 10 on the other scale). Good Work!!

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