AVENGERS 2 Trailer Released By Marvel After Internet Leak – AMC Movie News

Marvel studios had planned to release the first official AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON trailer with next week’s episode of Agents of Shield… however… sometimes the internet doesn’t co-operate with your plans. A copy of the film was leaked online yesterday and spread like wild fire, prompting Marvel to release the trailer themselves last night. AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON opens in AMC Theatres on May 1st 2014.

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22 thoughts on “AVENGERS 2 Trailer Released By Marvel After Internet Leak – AMC Movie News

  1. Marvel and Disney should let it go. Honestlly bridging the full force of a billion dollar corporation down on some overzealous and albeit misguided nerds head in the act of literally trying to bury him is ridiculous. It comes across as petty and makes Disney look like a bully. Fine him 30k or something he can pay back. But even if Disney puts a lien on this guys house they will not get their money as you can not lock someone up for being in debt. This is a waste of company resources and bleeds through that they are trying to make an example of this guy….except it won't work. People are going to pirate your stuff and you just have to try and mitigate shrink. I could understand if they entire script was leaked. That is legitimately damaging to a brand. But a trailer leak is not going to effect overall sales either way. it simply deosnt matter wether you announce a trailer with bells and whistles or not. Its the content that matters. People should not steal from artists plain and simple, but these leaks should be handled on a case by case basis and human judgment should be used before going to the knee jerk ' lets bury this guy' option. 

  2. Ultron creates from what is HUMAN.  Ultron Creates himself from droids that Tony made.  WHAT can make Banner who can become the HULK… shake in fear!?  FREAKING AWESOME! Hulk is fighting Tony and we see Thor grabs Tony by the throat!  If Tony has a team….After being the one responsible for Ultron…WHO would be on his team?????

  3. I am a fan of both marvel and dc they both have good movies and bad and there is no reason to compare dc with marvel because they deal with different characters and different comic universes 

  4. Actually Marvel wasn't defeated in your statement of the trailer leaking on the Internet, before AoS. They ended up with another brief scene with everyone at Tony ' s place, attempting to pick up Thor ' s hammer. It was awesome. Check it out. 

  5. Listen. They should make it as dark as possible. I wanna hear more scary soundtracks in the film. I wanna hear monks singing, people screaming, low pitched toned music. I wanna hear the piano being played in a dark way. I wanna hear Ultron deliver great speech es and quotes. 

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