Beating Comcast and Cable Fees with the HD HomeRun Prime – Windows Media Center, and Xbox 360

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I woke up the other day to find that all of the cable channels previously viewable on my television were now scrambled and encrypted. To solve the problem and view the channels I was paying for would cost at least an additional $20-30 a month!

Enter the HD Homerun Prime — it’s a little box that works with a CableCARD and provides a roll-your-own solution without the need for cable boxes. I am using it with the Windows Media Center software to push cable channels to Xbox 360’s running the Media Center extender app.

It works fairly well but I still have some issues to resolve. It’s certainly not as easy as just turning on a television any longer.

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24 thoughts on “Beating Comcast and Cable Fees with the HD HomeRun Prime – Windows Media Center, and Xbox 360

  1. Good find! Xbox 360s have come down in price, but this product, unfortunately, has not, so it's going to take many months (if not years) before it pays for itself and even longer before it starts saving you money.

  2. buy a d.o.s router used and get a cheap used modem. buy a good kodi android enabled box or fire stick. cutt your service down to basic with atleast a 25mbs speed. the cable company will take 10$ off a month for not renting a router. comcast had a deal 56$ a month after taxes. also now 25$ for 6mps so 15$ plus taxes. my neighbor was paying 175$ for cable man. sad thing is they will restrict this by only allowing 250gb a month data soon. those bastards will then partner with companies like Netflix for unlimited streaming. you watch

  3. For less than $30 you can get a nice indoor digital HD antenna with an amplifier that takes minutes to attach to your television and which will "pull in" FREE HD broadcasts from stations up to 75 miles from your location. In my area alone there are about 70 channels available. For your high speed internet, there is a little gadget you can plug into your laptop's USB port that will give you a reliable 4G connection to your nearest cell tower. The service is about $30 per month. When you sign up for cable tv, you actually get a vacuum cleaner hose along with the cable and the box. The hose goes right into your wallet! You'd be amazed at how much people are paying for content they rarely watch.

  4. Everyone should drop Cox like a rock and cut the cable. Stop paying their ever increasing exorbitant prices and get free channels OTA which you can combine with online services like Netflix and Amazon Prime for nominal fees.

  5. 38$ comcast 25mb. buy the box at a thrift store. i bought three all dos 3.0 boxes. having a box saves you 10$ a month. buy a android box and install kodi, then install fusion…after that get the tvaddon repository.

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