19 thoughts on “Best Free Cloud Storage Services 2016-2017

  1. MediaFire is blocked in some educational buildings such as universities, schools etc. And OneDrive sucks when you using it to access it from several PCs, most of the times some files gets updated and some files will get missing.

  2. So degoo offer 100 GB free. Obviously today people are looking for 1TB and upwards for free. I want to know is it possible to upload a lot of HD movies and stream them through the storage software? Isn't that what most will be doing anyway. Sure everyone would upload lots of Photos and Music too but Movies and TV shows is where the most data comes from.

  3. Hello my friend … I think you missed a very good option …Its called "Degoo" … You get 100 GB free space for file storage …You can download the client to your PC and drop to the degoo client folder any files you want to back up to the cloud. You can use the client in up to 3 computers with your same account …. And even more … if you invite your friends to sign up a new account, you get a bonus free space of 500GB … That is amazing … You should try it.

  4. I think there are better free ones (if you include chinese and are looking for actually free ones. Well, it´s just my opinion). Baidu has 2048GB free space after installing their app on a smartphone and one login (5GB without it, it´s like a "promotion action" of their stuff and you get 2TB for that. And the only part where I failed to make an account was actually that they demand a phone number. It will be used as a login, or if you want something else as a login, you can use QQ for example to login. But they also want a number.). For traffic I can say, It really depends, but mostly my personal internet connection is too slow. 1.4mb/s+ for the most time. Nice features, you can add torrent files to your cloud, files that you copied from another baidu cloud and will be deleted will remain on your cloud. Nice and clean interface. Just use Google translate and you can survive with everything. But there is also a translated version of their destop programm.
    Another thing I want to say, 360 Yunpan is offering 36TB space and is also in china. I personally never tested it, but I heard good reviews. That´s really nice for someone like me, who has always full drives. Like 4 already. Nearly every cloud is sooo small, I hoped to see more than I actually know currently.
    If everyone is concerned about privacy, make a big fat password of a archived file and name it that only you can recognize it. Problem solved for myself like that, because, try to give it to another person. He won´t be able to figure out what it is.
    Two things I wanted to ask, does MEGA support private files? Maybe a dumb question, I know. And I heard that it wasn´t possible for a period of time to change the password. Is that true? Well, I considered to make an account, but never made it actually.
    Hope it helped someone. And I noticed that my reply got marked as spam… I deleted that one link. I will check later if it is still spam, I took some time to write this.

    Edit: 1tb with baidu. Not sure how I got only 1 and not 2 but still much more than this video shows. And mega doesn´t have password recovery due it´s encryption technology. So basically, you lost/share your password, you lost your files.

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