Best Spigen Cases for iPhone 6 Plus [Neo Hybrid/Air Cushion]

In this video, we look at the best cases for the iPhone 6 Plus that are currently available from Spigen!
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38 thoughts on “Best Spigen Cases for iPhone 6 Plus [Neo Hybrid/Air Cushion]

  1. When I go on Amazon for this case and browse the colors, when I scroll over to the red one, I feel like it shows a different case because it no longer shows the apple logo cut-out. Some have it and some don't. So when I order the red color it will definitely have the cut-out on the case regardless of the picture?

  2. I have the neo hybrid aluminum on my iPhone 6. I dropped it once on its side and after that drop the aluminum border was scratched and it did bend it. I have to say I was disappointed. I dropped it on my power button side and now I have to press it a little harder for the button to go through. Also because of the bending of the aluminum which is so easy to do so the bottom side is also all bent up because of the impact. Overall not good for protection (of the case) it's more of a flashy showoff case in my opinion because it does catch a nice flash/sparkle when struck by any source of light because of the aluminum border. But I am getting the air cushion one for the protection hope it doesn't disappoint. I want to stick to Spigen!

  3. Be aware that dirt and dust does get in between the iPhone and clear backing. My iPhone 6 has a bunch of small permanent marks from where the dirt has scratched the metal. For that reason I don't recommend this case unless you plan on taking the phone out of the case and cleaning every chance you get.

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