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  1. In way I’m starting to believe that all this was set up …..trump would never have got as far as he did if Obama hadn’t been president first . A mixed president that because of his mixture would make it easier for people to hate him( but that’s neither here nor there). I remember when Fearless made a video about a RED DAWN ….this country is going to be even more divided then what it is …if trump actually get re-elected …. This will make it a lot easier for other countries to beat the s**t out of us…because if get along in world you the hell can’t do it on the battlefield ….. racist whites ,non-racist ,blacks , latinos ,etc…. will be working side by side in the chain gang….

  2. a bunch of them getting together looking for some young blakk man, woman or child to lynch and the police ain't going to help, shyt they just might join in the fun. These are dangerous times Family.

  3. fearless when that white man called that black women all these niggers & bitches I didn't cause she probably was talking down about us and being a coon,you see what goes around comes around never forget that.i t kills me to see how cracker people get more privileges then us then be more favored & treated better then us like they're god all mighty they can't shit it's gonna come a time when they're all gonna fucking die one day in the name of God in that year of the Revelation when the anti-christ step on the scene and shit like that.they're gonna perish,cause the real devil in that Bible you guys reading and worship so much is those cracker people mark my words.then the world will be back to normal they're will be kings & queen s again all over the world on top of they're crushed bodies.

  4. Im still trying to figure out what kind of witchcraft has taken over this nation. The cruelty, racism and divisiveness of humanity has taken over. Its dividing families, friends and loved ones. My own mom became upset when I told her that I voted Trump, she went in on me. And guess what, we had a great relationship. I stopped watching all news channels for now. No need for me to catch the koodies too. Smh

  5. There will always be black on black crime, white on white crime, even lion on lion crime so as a black man myself, I don't need to worry about non black on black crimes.  I only worry about police brutality against blacks, that's it.  You're right about self defense fearless.  That's all we need.

  6. Obama did stuff for black folks
    he took serious the murder of Travon Martin an Mickeal Brown an used a executive order to keep white teachers from picking on black students
    maybe you should know what you talkin tom

  7. Abusive men will use words that they know will hurt the most so it is evidence of an abuser not so much racist. Why is it that Blacks have their own organizations, award shows, etc. that whites can't participate in but they want to be included in every white activity and they don't consider the double standard?

  8. Fearless, I generally agree with you. But it is the black and latino Hillary supporters mostly beating on whites Not the other way around. . The video of the white man getting the crap beat out of him for supporting Trump is out there. The video of a white California student getting the crap beat out of her by black girl is out there for her Trump support. White man had gun pulled on him by 3 latinos for having a Trump sign on his lawn. They were caught and went to jail. Twitter of woman who gave work adress for a black Trump supporter urging people to go there TO KILL him, is out there for the world to see!

    There are many more violent stories. More violence coming from DEMOCRATS!!!!The one on YT where white was instigator is evil. But we cannot be one sided and pretend it doesn't happen the other way much more often. . The Hillary supporters who harassed and abused an older homeless woman was shameful too. I have heard many allegations of people saying whites are being racist, but with everyone videotaping everything, I find it odd so FEW actually SHOWING VIDEOTAPE!

    There was a meme going around on "facebook" where the guy said he was at Trump election party and Tweeted Trump supporters were racist and yelling out "We hate Muslims, we hate blacks". well, everyone was sharing this and saying how racist Trump is. But checking GOOGLE showed 20 articles saying the story was a hoax and the picture was a stock picture. Video of event was reviewed to see if any allegation were true. It was all false, but noone on facebook who shared has ever gone back to say it was a false flag. As of now, it is still quoted as fact!

    There is also a story on "FACEBOOK" about white girls at a prep school who were telling black girls and latinos to get in back of the bus! Now supposedly, a girl sitting on bus Tweeted story to her sister. Why did noone videotape this incident? Really,white prep school NYC girls are this bold now???heresay, but no proof . In the age of videotaping everything, I am beginning to think there are a lot of PAID hoaxters on internet FUELING racism because the left loves to incite this sort of thing. Racist,homophobia,Islamaphobe,misogynist are names they love to call EVERYONE who does not agree because their party is empty,corrupt and greedy. So they have people focus on fighting each other, instead of their lack of leadership. . . And if they can't find racism,homophobia,Islamaphobia,Transgender phobia,misogynist they make it up and the sheep, eat it up and repeat!. Just like the gay guys made up stories of hate that proved to be a hoax. many church burnings are hoaxes hoping to fuel racial tension!

  9. You generalize on black woman too much. You haven't mentioned anything about the blacks beating white people for just voting Trump. One shot one kill? Dude, you have no clue what would've happened of it was a black guy yelling at him.. you're condoning violence, and don't tell me it's not violence too

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