BlackBerry Priv vs BlackBerry DTEK60. Spec and Performance.

Dave runs us through the differences between the first two BlackBerry Android premium devices. The DTEK60 and the Priv.

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13 thoughts on “BlackBerry Priv vs BlackBerry DTEK60. Spec and Performance.

  1. Hello Dave, Brad …and the complete UTB squad team. You guys are clear, honest and to the point. A refreshing positive change. Dave this video is a great start no doubt you ended it with Part 2 in mind. How about a speaker / audio speaker comparison: Z30 versus PASSPORT SE versus PRIV versus DTEK 50 and 60. Including media and call quality. Looking forward to your next video. Subscribe to your channel here and on BBM. All the best from Madrid, Spain!

  2. Dtek60 is hands down the best all touch phablet on the market. No other ios or android device has a universal inbox that integrates up to a dozen apps and multiple email accounts into one. ontop of that it has hub custom views and home screen or popup widgets, the device also has a shortcut launcher that allows users to perform tasks within apps after only a single touch. Then there's the productivity tab, unrivalled security and best in class virtual keyboard. app loading as done in this video is irrelevant, it's the ability to switch between apps and shortcuts that make BlackBerry's special. the priv is faster while the physical keyboard is exposed thanks to qwerty navigation and additional hotkey shortcuts.

  3. Should have held up the phones next to each other from all angles to compare their dimensions, give us a speaker demo, and well, good job on the load times demo. Maybe show us differences in focus speed and shutter speed on the cameras. One last thing, is the Priv at the same point as the dtek60 because a phone that's been loaded up with apps and in use for many months will run slower than a newly loaded phone…

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