Bricked iPhone 6S fixed by Nand (4K)

In this video we are showing how to fix doesn’t power on iPhone 6s by re soldering HDD IC.

The question is how does i diagnosed this phone?

The user informed me that the phone was bricked by dropping first i Connect it to iTunes and it connected automatically in DFU mode with no serial number. Indeed the serial number is programmed in HDD(flash chip).so it indicates that the issue was with HDD(flash chip) because the phone was dropped by user. It means the HDD(flash chip) might be disconnected with PCB so I removed the HDD(flash chip) and resoled (reball flash chip) it.
The whole process of resoled you can see in this video. After this process the phone turned on directly without any software interference.

NOTE :- This work should be done by only professional technicians other wise you gonna brick your phone


45 thoughts on “Bricked iPhone 6S fixed by Nand (4K)

  1. ashfaq… I do a lot of u2 pm ic etc. Most of the time like iPhone u2 is easy to diagnose but. With things like this is it just educated guess or do u have method of chip testing or chip map sheets etc like they have in Samsung Sony labs etc?

  2. The serial number usually does not come up on iTunes until the phone has booted to setup or something like that. Now I'm not saying that it may have changed in the newer version of iTunes but usually that is my experience.

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