47 thoughts on “Britain’s Got Talent 2009 | Hollie Steel | I Could Have Danced All Night

  1. DAMN! please tell me audrey hepburn saw this from heaven?!?! holy crap. and i love simon's smile when he really likes someone. it's like he had lost all faith in humanity and it has been restored. <3

  2. Holly is a broadway star, she's a PERFORMER so of course it was staged! she was supposd to sing! and if she was just going to dance they would have given her a mic, not tape it to her face.

  3. She has an incredible voice (this isn't an easy song and she does it so well), but it's kind of misleading for her to dress in a ballet costume and represent herself as a ballet dancer when her performance doesn't even really involve dancing.

  4. If u pause at the right moment of Simon's face XD
    Simon-okay hot shot that's it give her the I'm going to press the button glare
    Hollie-Oh no bitch don't do that sings
    Simon-Oh shit stop what you're doing and twerk XDDD

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