Can an iPhone 7 Survive From a Space Drop Test? (100,000 FT)

I built a weather balloon kit and decided to send a brand new iPhone 7 while its recording into space without any case/protection.

There ended up being a massive jet stream from launch site so the iPhone traveled approx. 3 hours away and it took us another 3 hours to hike onto unknown mountains to retrieve this thing.

If anyone has any idea why the iPhone randomly shut off and stopped recording in space before it even reached burst altitude (100,000 ft.), comment below! It was a 128GB model so it should have captured the entire crash landing.



34 thoughts on “Can an iPhone 7 Survive From a Space Drop Test? (100,000 FT)

  1. I did this in school because we won a competition which involved sending a go-pro into outer space. We wrapped it in tinfoil so it didn't get too cold in space but it was open a bit and the go-pro got too cold and temporarily shut down.

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