Carnelian – The Crystal of Fertile Creation

This fiery orange variety of Chalcedony brings vigour and vitality into your life. As a fertility crystal, use Carnelian to creatively manifest your desires. It will give you the stamina to keep pursuing your dreams after the first wave of enthusiasm has waned. Carnelian can also be called on to bring passion back to a long-term loving relationship. Its sensual energy encourages you to make the most out of every experience, ensuring you enjoy every moment and allow the pleasures of life to awaken your body, mind and soul. Carnelian brings you courage to take control of your life and have it unfold as you truly want.

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3 thoughts on “Carnelian – The Crystal of Fertile Creation

  1. i have worked with Carnelian and the sex chakra for a couple of days then i add some aquamarine for my throat chakra and what i found is that both of these chakras are strongly related to each other the lower chakra is for lower type of manifestation like giving birth. . While the higher chakra is for manifesting creativity like singing dancing. ..

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