27 thoughts on “Cheating husband caught sleeping with his wife’s mother for four years

  1. My sister took my mom's boyfriend and had 2 kids with him and they are still talking to each other like normal. I ban them from my life as it was tramatized when it happened she was 15 and he was 36. This happens with more often than people think. I haven't talked to my family for like ever and today my sister is married to other man who my mom introduced her too and has a kid with him so, 2 diff baby daddy. drama like no other is why, avoid them.

  2. To be fair the daughter is a mutt and the mother was a sweet bit of ripe old cunny. Them older ladies with their fannies all drying up are desperate for a bit of slap and tickle and they all give up their backdoor without a whimper. If she could cook, the boy was on a winner. Fair play to him I say. Fair play.

  3. + Kello Bello That's stupid.

    Look here give me the dang $Hundo cuz i gotta eat. ok? Just give me the damn money. I can go down get me a big ass bag uh kettle pop and watch more uh y' all wild ass videos.

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