Clash of Clans: Let’s FIX THIS RUSH! ep2 – Our First Lab Upgrade

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Guys, we’re gonna get this rushed base fixed, it’s just gonna take FOREVER!!!

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43 thoughts on “Clash of Clans: Let’s FIX THIS RUSH! ep2 – Our First Lab Upgrade

  1. i think giants are the first thing which everyone should upgrade(just my thought) and i do so.. cuz they make huge diiference. i was a rushed th9 from th7. i used barching to gather the loots from collectors for upgrading giants. when it became lvl6 bammm……. no problem in loot.they have tons of hitpoints , used them with archers a few wizards …….i pretty much could get all the loots from storages as well. it had been like 7 months and my base is like 80% maxed.

  2. If you upgrading one barrack only the training time will be a lot longer. If you got 1 Barrack lvl 10 a PEKKA will take 12mins if you got 4 Barracks lvl 10 will take 3mins to train :)

  3. Hey Klaus you're right, you'll need to just upgrade one barrack to unlock the new troops. Upgrading the other barracks will just decrease the amount of time it takes to cook that certain troop.

  4. You should consider upgrading your giant & goblin to max which requires lvl8 lab as well. You need not to worry about facing any lvl of Townhall you get during the raid then. Remember the popular saying attributed to Abraham Lincoln – "To cut down a tree in five minutes spend three minutes sharpening your axe". Giant and Goblins are your axe here. Also try to unlock EQ and uograde healer, rage and jump. Hope this will help you. Good Luck!
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  5. for the putting barracks down. if it is the only one you have that can cook a certain troop you can't cook that troop. (1 Pekka barracks going to bbd you can't build pekkas.) more max barracks will make your troops train faster

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