Get Free 10 GB Cloud Storage Account

Copy is a new Cloud Storage service similar to Dropbox and currently available for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Download Copy App now and get additional Free Cloud storage.

For a very limited time, the team is running referral program where you can get extra Free 5 GB Storage.

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12 thoughts on “ Get Free 10 GB Cloud Storage Account

  1. sign up through this link and we'll both receive 5gb extra storage for free. please help me out. I am a college student and future high school teacher. this would help me out a lot! copy(DOT)com? r=HAK3lN 

  2. one thing you – have to check your email after installing the program, then VERIFY the account by clicking on the link in your email to get the extra 5gb. link to twitter account and get 2 more free gb for a total of 12 gbs doing practically nothing. h t t ps :// w w w.copy(dot)com/ho me/? r=G D tu wE&si gnup=1 (take out the spaces) and change the (dot) to a real dot

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