7 thoughts on “Crave – A Kickstarter graveyard for the biggest losers, Ep. 183

  1. I am 35 years old right now. When I was 15, I made an educated guess. I would probably be able to purchase some type of flying car, sometime in the future, during my early 40's. I really believed we would have at least, cars that could hover off the ground around three feet, while the vehicle is in motion. The way the technology is moving, I now have to move my age up to around 65, if I'm lucky. Did any of you guys/girls, think there would/wouldn't be flying cars by now, when you were younger?

  2. Flying car from Slavic Republic? CNET really? Thats like saying Anglo Saxon republic when referring to UK or US, it is from Slovakia not Slavic Republic, that doesn't even exist.

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