Dali Tha Art – Muninaru feat. HARUKI

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2016.11.7 リリース
Dali Tha Art 1st Album
「Vital Signs」より
“ Muninaru feat. HARUKI”のMusic Video

Lyric by Dali Tha Art, HARUKI
Video Directed by Shota Miyoshi


「Dali Tha Art / Vital Signs」

01. Brand New -Intro-
02. 風追
03. コトバ
04. Muninaru (feat. HARUKI)
05. And… (feat. HARUKI)
06. Tic Tac
07. 第二和泉ハウスにて -Skit- (feat. POTATO)
08. Live Rugged
09. 灯
10. mermaid (feat. Bell)
11. Over Drive -Outro-

Produced by Sugar Back(#2,3,11) ISAZ(#1,10)
All Recorded by Sugar Back (Sugar 3rd Hill Studio)
All Mixed & Mastered by Sugar Back (Sugar 3rd Hill Studio)
Cover Art & Directed by Loosy Graphix
Photo by Shota Miyoshi

Dali Tha Art
Twitter: @dali_tha_art
E-Mail: dalithaart@icloud.com


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