Diabetes Pet Manager iPhone App tutorial

Website: http://diabetespetmanager.com
This video introduces the Diabetes Pet Manager iPhone application.
In dogs and cats diabetes is also a serious chronic disease. However diabetic pets can live a long and happy life it they are treated well.
Diabetes treatment, more than treatment for any other disease in dogs and cats, requires a very active participation of the owner.
Insulin injections and meals should be given at precise times every day. Regular monitoring of symptoms and blood glucose values have to be reported to the attending vet.

Diabetes Pet Manager iPhone app is designed for owners of a diabetic pet who are resolute to take good care of their dog or cat. It will remind in due times them of the various operations they have to perform: insulin injection, meals, blood sampling…

The video shows how the application works:

First step: initialize the application by entering the information about the pet (gender, name, breed, weight), the owner (name, address, phone…


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