Disappointment for some as Apple iPhone 7 Plus and jet black 7 sell out online

First came anticipation, then disappointment for some Apple fans as the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus went on sale.

In contrast to previous launches, there weren’t always the queues people have come to expect. It’s perhaps sign of the digital age; the new jet black device and the 7 Plus have mostly sold out in advance online.

A dark day for those, such as Sydney student Marcus Barsoum, who was hoping to pick up one of the models in store.

“We were sad, I still, I think all that anger and frustrati…
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18 thoughts on “Disappointment for some as Apple iPhone 7 Plus and jet black 7 sell out online

  1. Apple paid them off to buy iPhone 7's instead of the phones they wanted the iPhone 7 plus models lol. if they didn't it would have been a PR nightmare lol.

  2. You are right. These people should be thrown to concentration camp and have their brain check through medical experiment. They had been infected with the Jewish poison "Capitalism"!

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