Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence [Official Music Video]

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Directed by Matt Mahurin

New Album “Immortalized” Out Now!

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Disturbed – The Sound of Silence [Official Music Video] Cover

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26 thoughts on “Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence [Official Music Video]

  1. clinton campaigns room, when trump won, the sound of silence… wow what the future holds for us, when will we put down our own interests and let go of resentment, anger, of things out of there control, we are anything but silent, roaming the streets, thinking a few voices will change what just concluded, peoples homes, will be destroyed, not because how immigration works , but because of a selfish act of violence in some country where you only hear an echo on your stereo of the reality of thousands dying, when will will peace occur, how could it occur, when will you look into a picture and know your family will be safe that whole week, year, until they grow up, what are we doing to ourselves, I ask you, what God do you believe in, what religion created a war time ago and allowed killings to happen, from any religion you think of, religion has caused war, not peace, Jesus came to cause division not peace among what was set out to be evil, or good, as if we did not know before the time what was good or evil, think again, we know, we knew, and we know now, we just are not not choosing to shout together, to one God, rain down on us your heavenly love, and teach us, were listening, churches are becoming not funded,, what happens now that Trump will be president, has to be acceptance, yes, protests will fade, just as Jesus was crucified, people came, watched, then was lead into daily life, work, sleep, trade, commerce, taking over nearby kingdoms, for the church to grow, what are we doing, what are we doing, get over yourself.

  2. Lotta "safe space, butthurt" libtards on here trying to tie this song to their loss in the election, and ironically, they are right, just in the other direction. We have been SCREAMING at you how zombified and hypnotized you all are, and we are met by the sound of silence. Give 6 months into Trump's presidency and you will see just how wrong you are. But for now, we understand. Go cry to your friends and grieve for your "loss" of the woman who would have us in a nuclear exchange with Russia within weeks of her taking the oath. Go cry it out and purge your feelings of violation. And then you can emerge and be an American again, living a dream with NO ceiling. Hard to believe, yes, but it is true. And you will se it.

  3. Nice try, but Paul Simon you are not. This song is deserved of Trump – the longing for, the arriving … You don't have it mate. Use your voice for somethinhg new please.

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