Document Your Life | March 2016

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In which I watch many films, spend plenty of time in nature, donate unwanted clothing, serve children ice-cream at an event, and try out a new art medium.

Music: “How the West Was Won” by Shaye

Document Your Life info:
-Blog: http://projectdocumentyourlife.tumblr…

What’s going on in this video:
0:41: One of my life goals has been to complete the Sporcle countries of the world quiz. I accomplished it twice this month, and was perhaps a little too excited.
0:47: I’ve been wanting to see Brooklyn for months now, and I finally had the chance to go at a local showing. I went with my friend Esme, and those shoe shots were the most creative thing we could come up with.
0:56: A local park was completely frozen over, everything from the trails to the parking lot, so ice sliding was a…


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