Dr Jonthan Reed Demonstrates Alien Technology Live

******** This case is still going after nearly 15 years – ie: it is authentic ********

**UPDATE #2*** I’ve been PM’d by people who saw the full length footage of this on TV in Canada – this is obviously a badly edited out-take of that footage which explains some of the issues with it. ***

**UPDATE: Apparently this was not released by anyone linked to the Dr Reed case and his research team. However they maintain that the footage of Reed is real, they just had no control over editing and context. **

NB: I don’t expect *anyone* who is unfamiliar with this case to believe anything they see here. This was created primarily for those who have been following the Reed case in detail for years and haven’t fallen for the disinformation BS of www.UFOWatchFraud.con et al *****

It’s perhaps the most violently attacked contact case by covert intelligence apparatus *and* by mainstream UFOlogy in the post-Roswell epoch.

Having been in fairly regular touch with the Research team involved…


48 thoughts on “Dr Jonthan Reed Demonstrates Alien Technology Live

  1. Very bad sound effects, like the crowd taking pictures is very laughable. And the story is absurd. For an unknown object, the guy knows too much about its internal systems. The teleportation is pathetic. When you're living on some delusions like this, you would create any kind of excuse to make the camera go black like this, rendering the whole ''evidence'' useless… because there is none. I wish to congragulate Dr Jonthan in a sarcastic way here, thanks for messing with the little faith ufology have left.

  2. How is it possible to have it be real, and also have people believe it or acknowledge it as real? There is no winning, with the current state of awareness of these matters. Next thing you know, people will be saying that my footage is fake.

  3. I am sorry for this desperate liars. A liar is no actor. Thats why they do it all wrong. All their pretenting is dominated by the fear of getting caught. "Have mercy, forgive me, just help me making a buck"

  4. THIS IS REAL GUYS, its called the Nope Alien Device and it was given to him by a headless alien called 69fun nicknamed "Fuckthatshit" from planet Bullcrap. I get chills every time i watch it +_+

  5. Back the camera away so we can see a full body shot or show a different camera angle. Surely there is more than one. Not believable at all as presented. Lame audience audio. This video does a dis-service to actual truth seeking and fuels those who believe everything is a hoax.

  6. how come the audience squeals when he disappears in the light ball, then they go silent, no one speaks, not even the host of the programme? On the claim it was from a TV show, they must have the dumbest cameramen and director on the planet, because they would have framed it so the object was in clear sight all the time, and there should have been comments by the host, before, during and after his return…just saying…this looks fishy to me…

  7. Shit…..if your going to go to all that trouble, at least have him turn into "4 Arms" or you had that crystal guy was pretty cool.  That explains why Ben ten found the bracelet and not Grandpa Max 🙂 

  8. I live in Canada and have never seen or heard of this. If this exsisted either the canadian or u.s would have it so fast it certainly would never make it to television. This is a hoax obv. 

  9. A "Live" studio broadcast in front of a studio audience in Canada? LIVE? Where and when was that, since I've never heard anything about it?

    What Canadian network was involved? If it was a television broadcast, potentially a million or more people would have viewed it in Canada alone. And considering the subject matter, it would have been picked up by affiliates all over North America, thereby expanding the coverage area immensely with millions of potential viewers.

    Isn't it strange that no one was apparently watching this Live broadcast when it supposedly took place?

    "The Reed Team"….So Reed is his actual name and he's really a Doctor, or are both fake and just intended to give him more credibility? 

    Dr.Jonathan Reed aka John Bradley Rutter, is not a doctor, has no degrees and lives in Seattle, Washington and is not or ever has been hiding from the government authorities as he claims. His co-conspirators work together in a mini mart there.

  10. Ok folks, me personally, I don't believe none of this video at all, simple software on a home computer can accomplish that, that being said, are we as a society been brainwashed to the point that folks actually believe that he "teleport/disappear & then re-materialized" I DON'T BELIEVE IT, NOT FOR A MINUTE, of course that's my opinion, everyone else is entitled to their opinion as well, but this is you tube, since when is anything on here actually "real"?????

  11. Neither his clothes or the backdrop matches any of those studio sets at the start. Audience sound is very dubbed on sounding too. Listen to the camera snapping sounds too, lol.

  12. where is this guys PhD from?? -I remember hearing this on art bell in like 1998…was great radio but now this guy seems iffy. Honestly, anything associated with Jaime Musan or whatever I just assume is fake….sorry

  13. All too often the NSA/CIA/DOD are responsible for perpetrated hoaxes so that people will look at it and go "gee that's fake" and therefore believe that ETs and their crafts don't exist. Could the story of Reed be one of those? The problem with the NSA and their down-lines are that they are intellectually challenged and yet in charge of confiscated/stolen technology and misuse it for their pathetic agendas according to our surveillance of them. The Reed story should be taken in a neutral state…

  14. A man goes on national Television, before an audience of 250 people, teleports himself using alien technology and that's it ? No major media coverage ? It'd seem to me that this would've created such a major wave of panic or genuine interest. 

  15. hes already to high profile, to take him – he vanishes… if must be true. leave him alone and hes just a con artist… lol i dont believe it either, or do i?

  16. Quick question to all you "belivers" out there!

    I want you to do something for me, don't question me or anything first, just do this for me.

    1.Get yourself a copy of the "Royalty Free Warner Brothers Sound Pack" I'm not going to explain to you how, that is what google is for.

    2.Then once you have it, I want you to listen to "Shocked crowed reaction 6"

    3.Then i want you to listen to "Crowd applause mid-short 1"

    Then i want you to question why they are used in the original audio of this vid?

  17. what year was this recorded?. I ask because it has a 4.3 ratio. It seems fishy to me, why didnt they record the whole room, why would you only record a zoomed in Dr reed?. It makes no sense, if it was indeed in a tv show why werent the hosts talking?

  18. Just look at Reeds face before he "teletransports" the light appears to be coming from his foot …it goes strangely quiet and the crowd clap like a side show when he returns hahahaha!! Three cheers for the alien guy LOL.

  19. @junkiron1 – –> you're supposing "they" are bothered about others using it. I doubt that's even a consideration given the circumstances it was found in. Actually there is an "in built" defence for "human" users – ie: only one person has used it without huge, unpleasant side effects.

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