Fake/Clone Galaxy S7 Edge – How To Spot One Right Away – Be Careful!

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Please subscribe for more! This video is intended for those who are looking to buy a new Galaxy S7 Edge, to please be careful. Many people buy these fakes to sell in the black market as “originals”! After watching this video you should be a pro on how to spot a fake Galaxy S7 Edge. Thank me later!

Note: I am not a supporter of fake phones, as a result I will not provide links. Thanks for understanding!


22 thoughts on “Fake/Clone Galaxy S7 Edge – How To Spot One Right Away – Be Careful!

  1. the international version (Exynos version) has the packaging like the fake one, and doesn't have the "Galaxy S7 Edge" written at the back. instead, you'll find "DUOS" written at the back.

  2. i bought an s7 in movistar peru and the box is the same ad the fake
    also you forgot to speak about the dual edge screen
    if you turn on the s7 edge fake you will read galaxy s7 and no galaxy s7 edge
    the faje one has a radio sonething that the real one doesn't have

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