42 thoughts on “Fantastical 2 for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

  1. I really enjoy using Fantastical 2. It is an excellent app which I have as my default calendar. I highly recommend this app if you are looking for a simple to use, clean interface with numerous options and if you wast quality. I commend the entire Fantastical 2 team in making such an excellent product.

  2. The Command T tip only was made watching your video worthwhile. I m having issues creating repeats on events and having the show across multiple dates. Thank you, great video; excellent presentation skills

  3. I paid for Fantastical 2 on my iPhone, little tip – it works great on my iPad mini also for no extra charge. Don't think I'll bother with it for the Mac though, my life is not exciting or busy enough to justify the price!

  4. I have Fantastical on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Love it. However, there is one thing missing from the Mac version – when you right-click (Ctrl-Click) on an existing appointment, there is NO option to 'Copy' that appointment, which is something that I need for repeat appointments on non-contiguous days. Also – and maybe I just haven't found it – there is no way to program regular appointments, eg (Meeting at 9am on the first Friday of every month). Hopefully, these functions will arrive with updates, but the 'Copy' one in particular seems a bad omission, given that the built-in Apple Calendar already has this.

  5. Hello David, I'm running my business off the calendar. And I have some struggles with it. It does not like to have time of a job as the first part of the line. It deletes the time and puts it at the back of the line. In month view it only shows 9 line per day. Is Fantastical better than that?

  6. What I am looking forward to is a pen that works on an iPhone that you can write in a calendar and you can do remodeling bids on. And each day will allow lots of writing with a specially made pen. I understand there is one for an iPhone. But I don't think there is a calendar allows LOTS of HAND writing utilizing exact dates of the month capability ! I think if they finally makes something like this you will find contractors really love it! That is if they are mac heads and have an iPhone 🙂

    Your shows David are always great to view and listen to though!

  7. I bought the Fantastical 2 for my MacBook and my iPhone and I absolutely love it. However, I wish it allows me to group event category by color, e.g. blue for personal events and green for school events and so on.

  8. If I was reading right it is $45.00?? I don't think so!! Granted I am retired and just need a calendar to keep track of my busy social and travel schedule. I see no real benefits to this over the Apple Calendar program. Really?? $45.00???

  9. Thank you for the video. I agree with you about the improved interface, but in my opinion the app doesn't aggregate enough value for me to do the shift. One of the deal breakers is the fact of having to purchase it twice (mac & iPhone).

  10. Hello David, this calendar looks very similar to the Apple standard calendar. I could not realize great other calendar-features in your video. I see no argument to spend such a lot of money for that App.

  11. I love FantastiCAL 2, it's been my go to calendar app for a while now on iOS. I love having my reminder integrated with the calendar. Reminders that I put a date on this is awesome because I can see when I need to complete them. I still use the reminders app for my store list as thats easier just to check things off. As far as the stock iOS calendar app I don't ever open it, I keep it on the home screen for the date because it looks cleaner than having a red bubble with the date on fanatical. I wish the app icon would change with the date but I don't think iOS allows that.

  12. I am currently using Sunrise which I find meets my needs, love their ability to connect with Swarm, plus display holidays, when and where my fav football teams are playing etc. UI of Fantastical looks ok, from what I can see from the video, but would need to improve on the functionality of sunrise to convince me to make a move.

  13. Well, it appears to be pricey, but I don't think Apple put a lot of time into the development of their native calendar. I made the mistake many years ago to create a different calendar for everything i.e. work, school and health maintenance. All I want to do is merge them together and it's time consuming. It also appears my calendars don't go back to far in dates either. Thanks for the vid, but for the price I might stick with what I've been using. However, I am still using OS Lion, so if they have improved any I might be out of the loop. Great job on the vid as always though!

  14. Thank you for taking the time and effort to set up a fake account with fake events. I get more than a little fed up with videos that say "Oh, i cant show you that screen because it has my personal details on it" or "I haven't setup that option yet". Why bloody bother i say!! Nice clean and concise review of an obviously very well designed product.

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