First Look: iPhone 5

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22 thoughts on “First Look: iPhone 5

  1. Well from the video, the "new" iPhone seemed like it was brand new. This is why it felt lighter. The battery is not fully charged when the phone ships as not to damage the battery inside. When a phone gets charged, the phone may get appreciatively heavier. Also, when you download apps and other programs, the phone gets noticeably slower. This is why everybody is making those claims. However, consumers should be knowledgeable about what they're buying. How do you not know what you're getting?

  2. I never had an I Phone, I've always had Samsung phones, and I got tired of the battery issues.
    Now I have an ASUS and it's way better than the most expensive Samsung. And way cheaper.

  3. I have a question for Apple fans:

    1. Samsung has a LARGER app market.

    2. Samsung has better battery life.

    3. Samsung phones are FASTER than iPhones.

    4. Samsung builds better quality phones that dont break as easily.

    5. The camera on samsung phones are better, duh.

    6. Samsung makes wireless charging and virtual reality, plus many other products that are compatible with a samsung phone. Unlike Apple, samsung makes everything.

    7. Samsung is more scratch resistant.

    8. Samsung donates over a billion dollars towards childcare and health, Apple does not.

    So……explain to me again why I should buy an iPhone?

  4. This has nothing to do with an Iphone. This is what happens when you shove a camera in somebodies face and ask them what they think about a product on the street in America. These folks are more inclined to believe this is a phone give-a-way other than a pointless video about their opinion. So cool it with the "typical Iphone user" nonsense. Name a phone brand and I'll make the same video.

  5. Thas what Apple Fan iSheeps noobs that just get exited about same and same Huawei is the real Quality Design in Hardware .
    Apple Computers ?=Basic home Computers compare it with High end workstation pcs you never can compare it
    same goes with smartphones

  6. (Edited) iPhone 6 user here. I find this video hilarious!! Even back when I had a flip phone and smartphones came out, I still kept my flip phone. All it could do on my plan was text and play Tetris. I didn't get all jealous of others and diss the newer products to make myself feel better. What I had worked at the time. And when it got too old, I got the iPhone 4. Fast forward to now and just last month upgraded to the iPhone 6. This obviously isn't everyone's story but that's how it played out for me. So it's okay, if you want, you can laugh at Apple jokes. Just don't get all defensive, lol. It's a phone.

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