43 thoughts on “Fix Cannot connect to App Store (iOS 10.1.1)

  1. I did this and an error message popped up saying there was an error connecting to the Apple ID server.   Any suggestions on what to do.. also my facebook app won't connect either.  Wi-Fi is good and connected!  Please help

  2. i am facing 2 errors after updating my iphone 5s to 9.3.2. first the iPhone cellular data (3g, 4g) is not working, i had rest my iPhone several times. but not working. and when connected to iTunes i get error when backing up the phone.
    if anyone knows any solution, kindly tell me.

  3. I have SOLVED this sucker – down and done! I have had this problem for a long time, as a lot of you have.
    My solution may be what you are looking for. I followed the steps that have been recommended, to no avail.
    What I did was – went into SETTINGS / MOBILE DATA and then there is a list of apps to which you can select in order for mobile data to be used for.
    Lo and behold! – the app store application was not selected. I merely turned it on and the problem was solved. I now can enter the app store.

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