Fix the iPhone 7’s biggest problem!

Apple’s iPhone 7 has a major problem! Luckily, there’s an easy fix for this. If you’re tired of not having a headphone jack on the iPhone 7, you may want to check out my iPhone 7 review and these new accessories to fix that problem. Links are below! ▶Subscribe:


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22 thoughts on “Fix the iPhone 7’s biggest problem!

  1. Or come on stop buying apple products, its that simple. Stop paying a premium price for a stupid piece of hardware lol. Don't be drones, just b/c you lose imessages isn't the end of the world.

  2. You're assuming that's even a problem. If someone likes to listen to music while they charge their iPhone, they can simply turn on the speaker. If they need to be quiet they can use one of a number of different bluetooth headphones or speakers. I mean why would someone want to be tethered to their device with headphones when it's stuck near the wall being charged with another cable. If this is iPhone 7's biggest problem, then I think the problem is the idiot using it.

  3. People finding this particular Problem that much of a deal are – in my humble opinion – a minority. Most iPhone users by now should be aware of the fact, that using the iPhone while charging, will heat up the iPhone (as well as many other high performance smartphones) quite a bit. Also, listening to music while charging will bind users to the wall, doing nothing but listening. I'd presume, that people, who want to listen to music while the smartphone is stuck in place, will rather use s Bluetooth headphone or speaker, maybe an AirPlay Speaker or something like that, instead of being tied up with a charging cable.

    Using the lightning jack for audio output will also put it to a lot more stress. This will indeed cause it to break a lot sooner, specially when using that small adapter, Dom showed off, the jack will be bend a lot more often. I would not recommend to use a lightning headphone or headset, since I think, apple tries to make the iPhone break earlier.

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