Fix Was In At DNC Before Campaign Even Started

Clinton was always going to be the nominee in the minds of the Democratic establishment. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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Cast: Cenk Uygur


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41 thoughts on “Fix Was In At DNC Before Campaign Even Started

  1. Vote Hillary people! Don't be deceived by this liar called Jill Stein. She is a Russian spy trained in the Soviet Union, and are now trying to infiltrate our government.

  2. My main question is why would anybody assume anything but that happened? Everyone is shocked, shocked you say, to find politics going on in a POLITICAL party? The job of party officials and the White House wasn't to be fair to everyone volunteering to be president; their job was to make sure the Democratic Party won. They chose early who they thought would be the strongest candidate. It's arguable whether it was an honest, corrupt and/or decision, but they certainly weren't going to put up anyone they thought would lose. Nothing here is illegal because a political party has a complete right
    to choose who they want to put up as their candidate, no matter how they decide. They might bring a suit in civil court, and they are, but it won't go anywhere due to the principle I just gave.

    I'm certain Bernie Sanders knew this was going to happen, he had to have known, and he still ran as a Democrat, getting much closer to the White House than he ever would have as an Independent.

    Many might say Sanders would have been a stronger candidate. I disagree. Socialist might not be a stigma among city-dwellers, the vast majority of Sanders supporters, but in the suburbs and countryside the term is an insult. No way does a Socialist win in the rural US. The GOP mud machine, Trump's lying mouth, and likely, Russian hacker/forgers would still be working against the Democratic candidate.

  3. Yes the fix was in back in 2013 when it was supposed to be Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton in 2016. The Republicans did not live up to their part of the plan. Trump messed up the plan. This election was planned until Trump.

  4. Eyes have been on Hillary for a long time to be running in this election, maybe the DNC had already made up it's minds before the election even started. Although Bernie was my preferred candidate, there's a chance that his "semi-radical" left wing views were unappealing to those with more centrist political ideology, because I think many people can agree, the Democrats are not a left-leaning party..

  5. i will not vote for that bitch. she is a far greater threat to democracy than that foul-mouthed heavy-breathing pig. it's just frightening to see the media selling out the way it did, and then the FBI closing the case on her. i wanted bernie, and i was denied the right to pick him. i know hillary will win, but i will do my part to stop her, even if it's nothing but a token gesture.

  6. Trump was right, the election is Rigged, But it was rigged against Sanders and all his supporters months ago!
    How could any Sanders supporter vote for the people that robbed them?

  7. I sure hope, as a result of more light shed on truth, that you'll start talking about the importance of non-corrupt candidates, who are actually, in the race, such as Jill Stein. The lesser of 2 evils crap is sheer stupidity. We don't vote out of fear, or who we don't want, right…Yes, correct, we vote for who and what we want. Please help to enlighten, or simply remind your viewership….Thanks ~

  8. What does that say about Bernie's acquiescence in giving in to pressure from his own party? There he was, poised for victory over Hillary and possibly over Trump, and he does''t run as an independant.

  9. I was a Bernie supporter too. Now I'm a Republican. Trump is a decent fellow. The lamestream media is lying to you. This is serious. Hillary is involved in everything from arming ISIS to child sex slavery and blackmail. I kid you not. We can prove it. Do your research.

  10. The fix started following Kennedy's assassination,and was undeniably apparent after Ron Paul had stated that Israeli expansionism and American intervention are to blame for the rise of lslamic fundamentalism.

  11. I dont know if youre aware if this but the people pick the winner not the the dnc, the dnc communicating with the democratic frontrunner is not a revelation

  12. it's everyone's else's fault progressives can't win elections. you retards couldn't even beat her in democratic primary. stop makes excuses for losing . how you put up candidates who can actually win. all progressives do is protest and whine .

  13. Come on Cenk!  You seem to almost have turned laconic over the end game. While I back Trump, it doesn't make sense to watch you soo disgruntled, sad and neutered.           You supported Bernie and what happened?!?! He gave it up..    This is not about Trump. Cenk, this is about how the broader socialist movement can survive and fit for our nation.             Come on now, stop being so laconic. You sound more depressing than someone who didn't get a great lay after tons of hard work (for that purpose). Your increasingly independent mind needs to grow better. Drop that Hellary stove right now before you lose both hands..

  14. No Cenk, you were wrong too. People who said things like this you would laugh art them calling them conspiracy theorist. What I hear you doing is backpedaling. It amazes me EVERY TIME when you are wrong you try to quickly act as if you were right when you never was. I'm not even a Trump supporter but when he was saying it was rigged people like you laughed and said he was crying and whining when now I believe him because for one I have no dog in the fight. I'm all about right. I can point it out on both sides.

  15. The Young Turtle News Station!!! People how use there brains, all ready know this. Seth Rich was the wiki leak source. But he has been killed by Hillary's hit squad. Jullian Assange told how his source was on a Dutch news station, "nieuws uur". This Wiener Gate thing is a inside coup against Hillary, like the inside coup against Nixon. First time in History a coup has been done, over the Internet. The second American Revolution is taking place now! Let Trump do the job, to create Jobs! Power back to the people, Trump is the only option!

  16. Has it sunken in yet that your side is evil and you're being fucked like anyone else who isn't part of the inner system? Are you going to let yourself be manipulated and played like finger puppets? Or are you going to take this country back for the people?

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