19 thoughts on “Fun Nails Are Back

  1. Gorgeous nails bby. Sorry i havent been on in a lil while. Just bought a new home and remodeling. Im sure you remember from snap chat? Glad your feeling better about life. You look great sweetheart. I just went through a funk with my videos to. I hope maybe one day you could check one out and let me know what you think. Anyway Have a good week! Xo

  2. So many haters lmfao y'all lover her life . If I ain't like a bitch I wouldn't constantly be on her dick . Lol . Get a hobby , get ya money up then all you broke bitches can talk shit . None of these bitches hating look better then Nina anyway lmao , stop dick riding . Sheesh anyway you beautiful baby !!! You bad as hell . Let the birds talks . Xoxo

  3. I love them!!! I need to go get mine done. I also wanted to tell you that I love watching your videos and your personality, it helps me get away from all the kayos in my life. And what's your snapchat if you don't mind me asking?

  4. ewh why do you negative ppl even subscribe? very cute, very different. love your nails! that would be awesome to see piinksparkles opinion on your nail tech too :)

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