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Read This First :

AppBounty is a Safari based website which lets you earn iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards for US, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, UK and Germany Accounts for Free.

To Get Started:
1.Open Safari On Your iOS Device and go to this URL :
2.Tap: Start Earning Now!. And then Tap: Enroll Device.
3.After that it will ask you to install a Profile for Verification so Tap: Install.
4.Then it will take you back to their website. And there will be Offers section where you will see the sponsored apps. Download and Run them for 30 Seconds(you can delete after that) and you will earn Points.
5.You can exchange those Points for iTunes/Amazon Gift Cards for US, France, Netherlands, Italy, UK And Germany Accounts. Tap Rewards to See all the Rewards.

Here Are Some Other Great Website Like AppBounty:
Open Them in Safari:
1.Feature Points : Go to (For Bonus Points)
2.Free App Slots : Go to (For Bonus Spins)
3.Free My Apps : Go to


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