Glass iPhone 7 Case?!

Review: Glass Case for Jet Black iPhone 7? – Best iPhone 7 case from Switch Easy is transparent glass case for the iPhone 7 works great for Jet Black. This case is made out of glass, but is it a gimmick? What you do think about the Glass iPhone 7 case? Check out The Great Courses Plus –

Glass iPhone 7 case –

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40 thoughts on “Glass iPhone 7 Case?!

  1. I mean the case is nice IMO. But if you want to protect that resell value (Which I'm sure going to be worth a lot in the future if it isn't damage.) the case is more then worth it while keeping the natural feel of the phone.

  2. I prefer an Android more than iPhone, but i gotta say, this jet black iPhone and this case looks awesome. If i would own an jet black iPhone this is the case i would go for. Thumbs up.

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